Pool Connection Info

Main Stratum Host: eu.alpereum.ch

Port: 3002

Simply use your Ether wallet address and a worker name. 

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Global Stratum Hosts:

eu.alpereum.ch - Europe

useast.alpereum.ch - East Coast USA

uswest.alpereum.ch - West Coast USA

asia.alpereum.ch - Asia

Use the location closest to your miner. 

The port on all global locations is still port 3002. 

If you do use a global location, we suggest you always set pool.alpereum.ch as a failover. It is the main node and the most likely to be online at all times. 

If you have any issues with the .ch domains, you can replace .ch with .net (IE pool.alpereum.net). Domains with .net use anycast technology and may fix DNS resolution issues. 



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