Genoil's Ethminer Setup on Windows

Genoil's Ethminer supports Stratum V2 protocol and is easy to setup for the Alpereum Pool.

  1. Download and extract to a folder of your choice.
  2. Depending on your graphics card (AMD or Nvidia) right click and edit the file called "Alpereum-BRAND-Start" in notepad.
  3. Update the Ether Wallet Address (Starts with 0x) with your address and update WorkerName to a name of your choosing. Please keep the period in between the Ether Wallet Address and WorkerName with no spaces.
  4. Save "Alpereum-BRAND-Start".
  5. Click "Alpereum-BRAND-Start".

A command prompt window should open up and start connecting your miner to the pool. A DAG file will begin to generate.

Do not forget to check your statistics on the workers page by entering your Ether Wallet Address and click "Search". It may take up to 30 minutes before your worker stats appear in full. 




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    clint burch
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    My error coming appearing like that
    CUDA error in func: ' ethash_cuda_miner::init' at line 239 : out of memory.
    So what happen my memory capacities DDR3 4GB
    Nvidia Geforce GT 610
    Asus mother board
    Cpu : Intel i3

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